my name is demi, i'm 18, i really like art so there's that

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The Joy of a Hell of a Life
The joy of life (1906), Henri Matisse / Hell of a Life, Kanye West

Anyone at warped Charlotte today?

Issue resolved GOODNIGT

Guys ok I need help!!

I’m at my friends house currently bc I’m riding to Charlotte w her tomorrow for warped and like…my mom knows I’m at her house but doesn’t know I’m going to warped and would prefer she didn’t find out but like…she doesn’t care what time I come home tomorrow but she said she needs my car so should I drop it off in the morning on my way (like 7:30 am) and possibly raise some eyebrows as to why I’m out so early or just leave it at my friend’s and have to make up a reason as to why I can’t bring it by later????


“I am starting to think this is the most spiritful place I’ve ever been. I think we found ourselves here.”
Spring Breakers (2012) dir. Harmony Korine